I was asked a very interesting question from my son about a car we looked at. It was an Audi and besides it’s distinct logo of the four circles linked together, my son asked me, “But dad; where does it say Audi on the car.” I looked everywhere and nowhere could I find the brand name telling me it was in fact an Audi. As a matter of fact, the only place where it had the word Audi on the entire car (including the engine cover) was in tiny letters on the CD slot above the gearstick.

I was thinking what an observant person my son was and how I struggled to answer his question and it made me think how many Christians are like this as well. We say to others that we are Christians, we look like Christians, everything about us makes us look Christian but what in fact tells others that we’re really devoted to what we profess and believe. I think the Pharisees are good examples of  people who looked good on the outside but were not always godly on the inside. How many times does God or Jesus look at the heart problem we have and not the outer shell?

The cross is the universal symbol of Christianity and by seeing the cross, you are immediately drawn to think of Jesus. But have you ever thought the cross is a symbol of death. Why would we want to worship a symbol that represents the worst kind of torture ever devised by man? Well, it is because of that that death has done for us. Knowing that Jesus died a death he did not deserve to set us free and give us eternal life that we do not deserve. Jesus has died in our place to set us free from sin and give us life thru his wonderful grace.

God does not hid his true being from us. Everything we know of God revealed to us thru his word gives us a clear and full picture of the king we are to serve and be obedient to. When Moses says ‘What should I tell the Israelites about you?” where God responds, “I Am Who I Am.” (Gen.3:14). God also reveals himself fully thru His Son. “The Word became flesh…” (John 1:14).

Having a name is important so people know who we are. In my view labels aren’t important and so when it comes to knowing God and knowing Christ and seeing him for who he really is, it really is important to search for the person behind the name. Seeing who he is and what he has done and in so doing, we will have revealed for us the most wonderful truth and the most spectacular wonder ever known to us.

Now it mite be that Audi has a good reputation or a good quality about its cars but not everyone agrees. It is only when we look at the qualities for ourselves that we see the beauty of Jesus, that we are convinced. We are not to go off what people write in forums or what others say on Facebook or trust those who have not investigated it for themselves at all. Therefore let Jesus be the name above all names, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords where every knee will bow and every tongue confess that no one is greater than the name of Jesus Christ.