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We believe that the bible is inspired by God himself through the Holy Spirit. It tells us of the journey that God has undertaken to reconcile his people back to himself, culminating in the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ his Son.

We are committed in learning from God’s Word, applying it to our lives and being challenged from how it tells us to live with Christ as our king.

Are you the One?

A sermon on Matthew 11:1-15 by Richard Keith on Sunday 3 September 2023 Hindsight is a wonderful thing. It’s hard to look into the future. It’s hard to predict what life will be like in 5, 10 or 15 years’ time. We don’t even know what will happen tomorrow. Looking...

A Prophet Like Moses

A sermon on Matthew 5:38-48 by Richard Keith on Sunday 27 August 2023 The title of today’s message, "A Prophet Like Moses", comes from the Lord’s promise to Moses in Deuteronomy chapter 18 I will raise up for them - the people of Israel – a prophet like you – Moses –...

Jesus in Nazareth

  A sermon on Luke 4:14-30 by Richard Keith on Sunday 20 August 2023 Our message today is called, Jesus in Nazareth. And you wouldn’t expect that a message with that name would tell us anything new. After all, Jesus grew up in Nazareth. Though he was born in...

John the Baptist

A sermon on Mark 1:1-15 by Richard Keith on Sunday 13 August 2023   If someone burst through the doors, ran down the aisle, took the collection money, and left, we’d all remember different things. Some of us would remember the thief’s face. Some would remember...

The Righteous Branch

A sermon on Jeremiah 22 and 23 by Richard Keith on Sunday 6 August 2023 The events I am about to describe happened when I was much, much younger and much, much stupider. Nothing like this is ever likely to happen again. The problem was that I was a very inexperienced...

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News and Other Items

Federation Day Combined Church Service 2023

The annual Federation Day Combined Church service will be held this Sunday 29 January 2023 at 9:00 am at Bangerang Park, Corowa. Most of the town's churches, including ours, will be closing their regular Sunday morning service to come together in this display of...

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Can These Bones Live?

A sermon on Ezekiel 37 by Richard Keith on Sunday 21 August 2022 There is an old Irish proverb that says, “Hope is the physician of each misery.” Meaning that hope is the solution to every problem and nothing is too hard when we have hope. With hope in our heart every...

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The Glory Departs

A sermon on Ezekiel 8 to 11 by Rev Richard Keith on Sunday 14 August 2022 I’d like to begin today by posing two related questions. Firstly, how did Israel’s faith survive the catastrophes of 586 BC? In that year Babylon’s armies invaded their country, surrounded  the...

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