Seventeen debutantes and their partners strutted their stuff on June 1st at the Corowa Memorial hall in front of over 500 guests. What a beautiful night it was watching these young lads & lasses perform a number of dances in front of family & friends and showing everyone how grown up they all are now. As it was said on the night, “I’m sure all the mums and dads who were there were now thinking, ‘where on earth has my little girl gone, or my little boy? They are all grown up and looking stunning or handsome’

The other thing that was told to everyone was what their dreams & aspirations were once they finished school and what they enjoyed doing now. As in nearly all the boys descriptions, footy or hockey played a big part in it all. University was mentioned here or there and apprenticeships & traineeships. But what would their dreams & aspirations become in 5 or 10 years time? How different would they be from what we are hearing about now?

Time gets away from us so quickly doesn’t it? Make the most of your life, use your time wisely, love your family and love Jesus because he is the one who made us all beautiful in his eyes.